Anonymous asked:
I was just wondering how recently you update? Btw you have a beautiful blog!!

Thank you 😊 I really appreciate your kind words! I have been super busy working on weddings lately, but I am aiming to update a minimum of 2 times per week whilst I have some time - thank you to all of my gorgeous followers for being so patient! Much love xx

Anonymous asked:
Hey I love your blog! I just wanted to ask if you know any good punjabi tappey for a wedding. Thank you:)

For sure! Head to Dj KSR’s soundcloud page and download the giddha podcast :) it is my personal fave and I love, love, love his work! I can also email it to you if it’s no longer available for download xx

Anonymous asked:
Do you know about any white-Indian wedding dresses? :)

Yes I do! :) what were you after? There are so many options that you can go for with fusion gowns. From western cuts with ethnic embroidery to lighter detailed delicate lace and beading. Get in touch and I can help you plan xx

Intricate bridal mehendi!

Intricate bridal mehendi!

luxcalife asked:
What type of music do you listen to? Punjabi, Hindi, English etc?

I listen to everything really. I love music with a passion! But I’m not really into Hindi music or anything that comes outta Bollywood - it’s just not for me! I listen to English and Punjabi music :)

Anonymous asked:
you are very very beautiful and this is an awesome blog :)

Hi! That is very sweet of you, thank you so much :-) xx

Anonymous asked:
So I really really like this guy. He's coming to my school for a basketball game. He loves girls who play basketball and I'm a basketball player as well. How should I approach him? I haven't talked to him in a while but I still like him a lot. I went to his school in October for a basketball game and we made these weird eye contacts and smiled at each other a lot. If that counts LOL

Haha that sounds so cute!
Well because it’s been a few months I would see how he interacts first - if he smiles, makes eye contact & gives you those same signs that show you he’s interested, go ahead and approach him. Relax, be yourself and be confident! Simply strike up a conversation about basketball if you can’t think of anything else. I’m sure if he’s into it he will appreciate that & you can find out what his favourite team is etc, it’s an easy conversation that will flow because it’s something your both comfortable talking about. I’m sure if somethings there you will feel it in your stomach right away. See if he makes the effort to speak to you, or flirts with u after you initially start talking. If he does, he’s most probably into you too ;) good luck and let me know how it goes! Xx